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Leveraging historical data and predictive analytics, hospitals can anticipate bed demand patterns and plan resource allocation accordingly.

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Recent listings for Hospital Check-In

Collaborating with community health centers: Establishing partnerships with community health centers can help, divert non-emergency cases away from hospitals, reducing the strain on limited bed resources.

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Medical consultation

We bring in the best medical consultation that suits the needs and requirements of Everyone and deliver it whenever needed. By providing online doctor consultation services, we make sure everyone is able to maintain good health conditions. Our trusted health care professionals are capable of handling the medical needs of your loved ones through online consultation. 

With the arrival of the new normal, citizens have been pushed to upskill themselves on technology. This gives them a host of benefits, one of them being online doctor consultation. To be able to chat online with the doctor to assess their medical condition is a privilege that all senior citizens who have access to technology should take a hold of. This has also bought a massive transformation with citizens’ health care. The availability of various care services at the click of a mouse has added lot of comfort and convenience for elders who cannot make frequent visits to clinics.

Benefits of online doctor consultation.

  1. Efficient: Just like any other specialist doctor you visit, online doctors are also qualified and knowledgeable. They can make the best diagnosis by asking the right questions and listening to your concerns. Our online doctors provide the required primary and urgent care assistance you.
  2. Convenient: You can now get the best medical consultation at their homes. There is no need to visit the clinics and no waiting time is required. Citizens who require urgent care can be provided with immediate medical attention through our online doctor consultation services.
  3. Affordable: Consulting a doctor online is an affordable and cost-effective service. Especially for anyone who don’t have health insurance plans, this service is much more feasible since consultation, diagnostics, and medicine prescription is done online.
  4. No Location Limitation: Our online doctor consultation for citizens is available. You can consult a specialist or your regular physician online.

Online gynaecologists consultation – The pandemic is seeing a rise in the number of women and men who are seeking medical support from specialised doctors. Telemedicine has gained momentum in India and women instead of self-diagnosis and self-medication are opting for sound medical advice through online gynaecologist consultations on the internet.

Powered by advanced algorithms and cutting-edge AI technology, Nobedqu ensures you get the best and nearest available bed in times of urgency. Our platform works tirelessly to provide you with up-to-date information, eliminating the time-consuming process of calling multiple hospitals or traveling from one to another.

Say goodbye to the days of being denied treatment or having to transfer patients to different hospitals due to bed shortages. Nobedqu is the ultimate solution to this pressing issue, giving you peace of mind and saving precious lives.

Don’t wait for a crisis to strike. Be prepared with Nobedqu – the lifesaving app that empowers you to act swiftly and confidently during emergencies. Download Nobedqu now and take control of your healthcare journey! Your safety and well-being are just one click away.

Project Team

Boison David

Lecturer and Management Consultant.

Dr. David King Boison, a seasoned consultant and lecturer at Ghana Communication Technology University (GCTU), has made significant contributions to the field of IT and corporate strategy. With a background as the IT Manager of Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA), he has over six years of experience in process improvement and automation, aligning business and IT strategies, and implementing new systems. His consultancy work spans business process remodeling, strategic planning, and digitization of business processes. As a supply chain management expert, he has developed strategies leading to significant cost reductions in the maritime industry. In his role at GCTU, he incorporates practical industry examples into his teaching and serves as the head of the department for procurement, logistics and supply chain management . Holding multiple degrees and certifications, he also holds positions as Chairman of the Ethics Review Committee of National Health Insurance Authority and Track Chair for the Academic of African Business Development. He was recognized as the Best Reviewer at the 23rd Academy of African Business development in London in May 2023.

Doumbia Musah Osumanu

Senior Lecturer and Procurement Consultant.

Alhaji Dr. Musah Osumanu Doumbia is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Procurement and Supply Chain Management and a Corporate Member of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply Chain (CIPS) in the UK. He was employed in November 2009 as a lecturer and rose through the ranks to become the Head of Department from February 2017 to January 2019.

He has diligently carried out his duties of teaching, conducting research and providing other services to the University Community. He has taught various courses at both HND and

BTECH levels, as well as supervising students’ project. He has also served as academic counsellor to both HND and BTECH students and serves as one of the Patrons of Ghana Muslim Students Association (GMSA), Accra Technical University Chapter.

Shani Bashiru

Lead Consultant.

Dr Bashiru is our Lead Consultant and presides over most of our assignments. He has over two decades of experience in corporate governance, finance, management, local governance and marketing. He is also an experienced lecturer, presenter and public speaking.

Dr Bashiru has worked in various capacities in many institutions in the public and private sector in Ghana held positions such as Director, General Manager, Accountant and Divisional Accountant. He has also performed consultancy services for the World Bank in capacity building and research. In September, 2016, Dr Bashiru trained Resource Officers comprising Finance and Administrative Managers of the World Bank across Africa, The Americas, and Asia in Client Care and Communication. 

Professor Alino Nelson.

Lecturer and Management Consultant.

Prof. Nelson U. Alino is the Deputy Vice-Chancellor/Dean at Wigwe University. Prior to joining Wigwe University, Nelson U. Alino held the esteemed position of William S. Perlroth Professor of Accounting and Taxation at Quinnipiac University. During his last eight years at Quinnipiac, he served as the Interim Associate Dean, Department Chair, and Director of the MSA program. Prof. Alino received several awards and nominations for his teaching and research.

His leadership and dedication to innovation were instrumental in achieving a separate AACSB accreditation for the Accounting Program at Quinnipiac University. He is also responsible for initiating the highly acclaimed Volunteer Income Tax (VITA) program at the university.

Professor James Malm.


Prof. James Malm is an Associate Professor of Finance at the College of Charleston. He also serves as the Associate Director of the Global Business Resource Center. He previously served as the Director of the Honors Program in Business. He teaches courses in Financial Modeling and Financial Management at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Additionally, he has led MBA students on global immersion programs to Prague, Czech Republic, London, United Kingdom, and Mumbai, India. He also served as co-director on study abroad programs to Ghana and The Netherlands/Belgium.

His research interests include corporate finance, investments, and international finance. He specializes in empirical corporate finance with a focus on the link between the legal environment and corporate behavior. He has published academic articles in reputable journals such as Journal of Accounting and Economics, Finance Research Letters, Accounting and Finance, Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, Journal of Wealth Management, among others. He has presented his research work at major academic institutions and conferences in both the United States and globally. 

Awudu Iddrisu

Lecturer and Management Consultant.

Dr. Awudu is excited about the prospects of being able to proffer solutions to the ‘no bed syndrome’ that has resulted in many lost of lives in Ghana. The optimization & system solution together with the App development is central to Dr. Awudu’s sabbatical leave for the Fall 2023 semester at Quinnipiac University. Dr. Awudu and his colleagues are excited to see the actualization of this concept and looks forward to the next steps of engaging all stakeholders holders within the medical sector in Ghana to take this App to the next level and most importantly provide real time solutions to the ‘no bed syndrome’ challenges in Ghana. 

Fiifi Aggretbuttons

it Director

Fiifi AggreyButtons is a seasoned and forward-thinking techpreneur with a track record of driving innovation, launching successful ventures, and shaping the future of the technology industry. With a strong foundation in both technical expertise and business acumen, he has consistently demonstrated his ability to identify market opportunities, develop disruptive solutions, and lead teams to execute ambitious visions, as a dynamic and visionary techpreneur who has made significant strides in the African technology landscape and the United State. He is a driving force behind numerous groundbreaking technological innovations that are transforming the continent’s digital ecosystem.

 Entrepreneurial Journey: Fiifi AggreyButtons’s entrepreneurial journey began when he recognized the potential of technology as a tool to reshape his community, by building solution-driving products.

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